Whatsapp Enquiry Chat Extension is best solution to interact with your customers quickly via whatsapp window on your web store. Our extension best suits your website with its max customization control from backend. It has various options and exciting features that you would love. Our best and quick Support makes it more reliable for our customers. More over 150 Stores are using it happily and increase the sales.
Increase Sale and Decrease the Distance between you and your customer is the motive of this extension.

1. Easy Installation
2. Quick Support (bestsgdeveloper@gmail.com)
3. No change in Core-files

4. Awesome Frontend Design and Effects
5. Multi-Store / 
Multi-Language Supported
6. Set ChatBox Position Left/Right.
7. ChatBox Opening Effects (Slide/Fade)
8. ALL Color Features advanced color management from admin(Fully Controllable )
9. Set Title and Description for chat box
10. Add Dynamic support members from admin
11. Set Member's department,display picture,name,phone number(for whatsapp contact).

12. All Themes Compatiable / Journal Theme Compatiable.
13.Border Hover Effects
14.Online Offline Mode for Member,
15.Mobile Desktop View
16.Advanced Layout System (Admin can easily choose in which Layout he wants to show SG Whatsapp Chat box) Note: You dont need to set Module with default layout setting which is very time consuming... Its better than that just choose layouts in layout's list in module's Layout Tab.
17.Set Chat Box button Size according to your need,
18.Online-Offline member Diffrent Styling Option that gives Your store a awesome effect.

Support 12 Months

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Whatsapp Enquiry Chat Extension

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Support 12 Months

04 Mar 2021

Last Modified
24 Nov 2021