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    • SG Notification Bar

    SG Notification Bar is useful to let your customers/guests know the special offers and services provided by you by Notice (TOP Notification Bar). It helps you to increase sale and goodwill.

    With Very good effects and design flexibilty it helps you gain a good reputation among your clients.

    You can set many Notices as you want and set as per your requirement on Front Store.

    With advance Layout System provided by us you can easily assign Notice from admin to a number of frontend Pages. It is really a revolutionary and Time saving Feature for our Loving Customers.

    You can set Notification by Customer Groups, Stores.

    Color management, Cookies, Delay Timer and Close Button[Enable/disable] are some other awesome Features of this Extension.

    1. Easy Installation
    2. Quick Support (bestsgdeveloper@gmail.com)
    3. No changes in Core-files
    4. Multi-Language / Multi Store / Customer Group Supported
    5. All Theme Compatiable
    6. Ocmod Module
    7. Add multiple Header Notice Messages.
    8. Set Cookie and Delay Timer to show bar after Page Loads
    9. Set permanent notice or closable notice both options available.
    10. Advanced Layout System (Admin can easily choose in which Layout he wants to show SG Notification) Note: You dont need to set Module with default layout setting which is very time consuming... Its better than that just choose layouts in layout's list in module's Layout Tab. you dont need to goto layouts and assign your installed module on that on each Bar , you can directly assign module to any layout in module setting layout tab .
    11. Set Notice in Text Editor
    12. Color options available
    13. Custom Css
    14. Full Control from Admin.

    Support 12 Months

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    SG Notification Bar

    • $20.00
    • $18.00


    Support 12 Months

    07 Apr 2021

    Last Modified
    01 Feb 2022

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