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Djilly L

Family functional again

This caused the controller to have some small internal loose parts that at random affected its functionality. Soft and hard resets did not help. Quite upsetting. Even though the other controller helped me to maintain my daily video game routine. However the children’s joint game play got disrupted also not good for family life. And their friends lost interest to visit them! So after 5 years of daily service a new Sony controller had to be ordered, putting other family expenses on hold. A cheaper version was no option assuming these would even less able to withstand the children’s gaming rage.

Gerhard Feistritzer

controller ps4 originale v2

Komisch ist das der Barcode von diesem Controller ganz anders aussieht als bei dem PS4 Controller der bei meiner Konsole dabei war.Viel kleiner und kaum lesbar ist der Barcode. Ich glaube das dieser PS4 Controller kein Orginaler ist.

NAnc jl

Great tablet and great price

This may be a refurbished tablet but it's in pristine condition and works beautifully great value for money.                                     

Shelly Saunders

Very Happy

The MacBook arrived in extremely good condition and I have had no problems at all with it. As a software developer I use it all day. Performance is very good indeed. I'm very happy.                                          

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